And we're drowning in the water that flows under this bridge...

When you're fighting the current you forget how to live...

Solan Everett Montague
10 September 1977
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Montague. No relation to Romeo, thank you very much.

Slytherin Quidditch Captain and Chaser. No, I'm not sorry about that bruise you sustained on the pitch, because Quidditch is a contact sport and moreover, YOU are not sorry for that Bludger that was aimed at my head.

NEWT Student. Yes, I am passing all my classes. No, I didn't bribe anyone to do so. Yes, I am getting an O in Potions, and no, it's not because family members are buddy-buddy with Snape. No, I do not tutor.

Pureblood. Honestly, I could care less what conclusions you decide to draw from that. I don't have time for such idle speculation and those who make assumptions about Slytherins being Death Eaters are no better than those who automatically think that Muggleborns are inferior.

Not dating anyone. Don't get any ideas from that, either. Chances are that I'm not interested.

If we don't have tiresome discussions about Quidditch strategies, house stereotypes or my private life, we'll get on well enough.

The above does not apply if you're a Weasley twin or a cooing fan of the aforementioned ginger Gryffs.

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