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Solan Everett Montague
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"What hope to consider, what pure foreboding, what definitive kiss to bury in the heart, to submit to the origins of homelessness and intelligence, smooth and sure over the eternally troubled waters?" - Pablo Neruda

July 2014
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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

Name: Solan Montague
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 9/10/77
Year: 7th
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pureblood

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

Parkinson apparently hopes that there will be Dementors in Hogsmeade the upcoming weekend due to the escaped Death Eaters so that "Potter will make an idiot of himself in front of everyone again".

I don't know if she realises that Dementors are actually evil and don't live to do her bidding of Potter-baiting. But eh.

Then again, some other girl apparently told her that Malfoy couldn't have enough room in his heart for himself, his hair AND her, so she was a bit miffed at the time.

Ugh. Why are some females in my house so incredibly insipid? And why are some other females, not of my house, so... nevermind.

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

Well shit.

So much for SNAPE playing favourites.

Makes me wonder what she wants from us more than anything. Defense isn't even my strongest class when taught by real instructors.

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

Wasn't Oakby likely on his way out before hols?

Why is he back, looking more unctuous than twenty Knockturn Alley crooks combined, and not only getting quite grabby with Tracey Davis, but informing her that were she to do anything unpleasant to him, she would not like the consequences? I'm not really concerned about the girl, who is fairly capable of taking care of herself and making it look like an accident, but... why does Oakby seem to think that not only will he not get in trouble for being up to his tricks, but that he's being backed up by someone as well?

And what in the world is with the DADA assignment?

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

Private to Cassius, Adrian and SusannahCollapse )

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

Right, then.

As I'm coming down the hall, I come across Weasley (the Prefect) apparently having what seems to be a stare-out with Celia Warrington, who appears to have about ten pounds of chocolate tucked under one arm. The girl then informs Weasley, in a haughty voice, that she is not "A midget", but "THE Midget to whom all the OTHER midgets bow".

Cassius, do you have any idea what that's all about?

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

330 to 250, Ravenclaw. Not badly played by either team, and I suppose it's to be expected that both Seekers took longer than the usual amount of time to spot the Snitch.

Why the devil has Oakby taken to lingering under doorways and leering?

... Never mind. Did he not learn something from the last time he propositioned Tracey Davis?


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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

Am I the only person who doesn't give a damn about the stupid ratings that the twitty twosome came up with?

Oi. So it seems as though Travers finally said one nasty remark too many. I hope to hell that I'll NEVER have a repeat of the scenario in the Common Room again.

Anyone who wants to train security trolls, work as a hit wizard or an Auror, or do some other strenuous, high-risk combative vocation after Hogwarts, try to break up a catfight between the queen of tarts and Harmonia Nutcombe for practice. It would probably be better training than months of more traditional work.

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Solan Everett Montague [userpic]

The game's over and done with. Those still pissed off at Malfoy? Take it up with him. Leave me the hell alone.

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